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3P Garden Filter

Artikel No. 1000600

A total retention rainwater filter with integrated dirt collecting basket at mesh width of 1 mm. The filter basket is easily removed with a removal handle.

Installaton in a rainwater tank or turret, or before a tank in the ground using the 3P Telescopic Extension Set with lid. This filter is very suitable for equipments of watering the garden and for sites in which the rainwater has to be drained away. That means where no connection with a sewer is possible.

All inlets and outlets at DN 100, one inlet can also be used as an emergency overflow. The cleaned rainwater is led through the lower connection into the rainwater tank. Also a calmed inlet can be installed there.

Connection capacity for roof areas up to 200 m².

The cleaned water can be used for garden watering.

The filter has to be cleaned depending on the contamination several times during the year.

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